Can I use the shampoo on my puppy?

Our products are safe to use on your puppy. We recommend our products for puppies aged 6 weeks and older. 

Can I use your products after using topical flea medications?

Our products can be used after applying topical flea medications, but we recommend waiting 48 hours after application before giving a bath. We recommend giving a bath and drying the coat completely before applying topical flea medications. 

Is your shampoo tear free?

Our products are not considered tear free, however, our shampoo is pH balanced to match the pH of your yorkie's skin and coat. You can use our shampoo around the face, but be careful to avoid the eyes and rinse thoroughly. We have had no reports of adverse reactions when the shampoo or bubbles come in contact with the eyes, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.